Corporate Volunteering is one of the most well-known, widespread and popular ways that businesses have found to form relationships with their communities. Volunteerism is relatively easy to organise and to partner with the Chrisalis Foundation has some benefits for both parties.

Your business stands to benefit in a range of ways, including:

  • Better standing within the community, derived from your visible demonstration of community values and involvement
  • A better understanding of the community in which you operate
  • Strengthened connections with the community, leading to an increase in influence and profile
  • Happier staff, leading to staff satisfaction, retention and easier recruitment
  • An expansion of knowledge, skills and contacts

In addition, your staff members will gain a range of benefits that may be of enormous use in their current and future work and social lives, including:

  • New and deepened skills (e.g. fundraising, understanding of disability etc.)
  • Knowledge of the not-for-profit sector
  • Deeper knowledge of the disability sector in the community
  • Personal satisfaction and a feeling of “making a difference”
  • The opportunity to exercise power and contribute to the success of a community organisation
  • Networking opportunities
  • New friendships
  • Opportunity to contribute work skills to a different arena
  • Growth in self-confidence

We are currently seeking volunteers:

  • To provide support in administration, marketing, social media
  • Fundraising support
  • Events planning and management

If you think your business can help make an impact, contact us by sending email to Volunteer manager at or  0421 035 809.