“My life with my son, Christopher has taught me many lessons and given me a real understanding of the needs of these families. It’s specifically shown that whilst a variety of services and funding options are available, there is always a gap. Often leaving young people living with severe disabilities unable to access the full range of resources that would help ease their pain and / or improve their quality of life.” ~ Caterina Kasiaras


Caterina Kasiaras

Member since 2015

When my son Christopher passed away, I channelled the pain of losing him into what turned out to be a new career path in the disability sector. I started this journey by being a carer through family respite programs. These experiences gave me great joy and a deep connection to Christopher’s memory. Realising that this enabled me to share the wisdom of the many things that Christopher had taught me.

I commenced studies and gained qualifications in the disability area. My passion for this work was obvious, and I continuously strive for better ways of supporting and contributing to the lives of people living with disabilities.

In 2015 I decided to take my knowledge and the energy that Christopher’s life had brought and create a foundation in order to help children and young people like Christopher.

So Chrisalis Foundation was created to help fill the gap.


Ana Finlay

Member since 2015

My name is Ana Finlay as an educator for over 30 years and school counsellor for the last 17, I have worked with young people with a range of issues and needs, including supporting students living with disability. It has been my career and my passion to make a difference in young people’s lives and the Chrisalis Foundation provides yet another way for me to do this. In my spare time, I am a keen gardener, enjoy being inventive and I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends.

“I am inspired by the creativity and connectivity of the Chrisalis Board to build equity for all young people”

Emelyn Goh photo

Emelyn Goh

Member since 2019

I have a personal interest in being involved with this organisation having grown up with a sibling living with disability and I believe I have a social responsibility to help contribute to creating a positive impact in the community, especially for children and their families who are in need.

I hope to use my skills and professional experience and apply it to the Treasurer role at the Chrisalis Foundation.


Arthur Athanasopoulos

General member since 2018

Sue Wood photo

Sue Wood

General member

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Guy Brown

Vice President