The Chrisalis Foundation Inc is a not for profit organisation (ABN 81847903167) which was established on 7th April 2015  in memory of Christopher Nguyen who passed away at the age of  seventeen years and nine months after living with debilitating condition caused from Cerebal Palsy.

The foundation was established by Christopher’s family who wished to honour his life by using their first hand experiences to help others living with disability to improve their quality of life.

The foundation is a volunteer run organisation that relies on donations, grants and fundraising to sustain the programs that are run.

Our Vision

To resource and support individuals with disabilities and their immediate families and help build their potential to live a harmonious and fulfilling life in Victoria.

Our Mission

The Chrisalis Foundation Inc. is a not for profit foundation that raises funds to provide resources, support and education to young people living with disabilities in Victoria to enable them to live a fulfilling life.

Caterina Kasiaras and Ashley Kasiaras, Founders of The Chrisalis Foundation, have a vision. To give back and help young children living with disability in Victoria in honour of Christopher Nguyen, Cathy’s late son.